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The HeliX corporate communications operator offers the creation of a fully isolated corporate network of an enterprise (Autonomous System).

The HeliX networking platform has a ready-made corporate solution, the Autonomous System (AS), which enables rational use of network resources and has all the necessary tools to manage and monitor, diagnose and control all the processes occurring in the network, both from the user and from the operator or provider.

With our transformational solutions and high level of customer service, you can also take your business communications to the next level.

Allow yourself a happy life at work, at home and on the go, with secure access to sensitive data from anywhere in the world.

A high-performance, secure corporate network,
Simplicity, resiliency and easy scalability,
Independence from hardware vendors,
Low deployment and maintenance costs.


Companies, firms and service providers for whom communication and information security are of paramount importance, with a distributed business infrastructure and mobile and home-based employees.

What are our unique features?

The Autonomous System HeliX provides enhanced security, performance and connectivity between the cloud, offices and users at work, home and on the go, providing secure access to sensitive data from anywhere in the world, and providing centralized control and management of all network resources in real time.